Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Way Back Wednesday

Great Great Grandpa Elijah Eli Paulk and daughter Delilah Paulk Harper.

Elijah Eli Paulk was born March 29, 1843 in Irwin County, Georgia, son of Thomas Paulk and Nancy Henderson.
At 19 he enlisted 28 Aug 1862. In April 1865, just prior to the surrender, he was assigned to the ambulance corps on account of rheumatism in his knee.
When he got out he came back home and married Rebecca Lott Nov 22, 1866. They had 13 children. The youngest child being Delilah Paulk, my great grandma. Dec 5, 1897 in Irwin County, she married Arthur Harper, son of Henry S.C. Harper and Sallie Vickers. Her father died March 10, 1928 on a train coming back from a trip from Florida to see one of his children. He had a heart attack on the train and died as he entered the county limits of his hometown of Willacoochee, Georgia.
Arthur and Delilah went on to have seven children, the youngest son being my Pepa Walter (Willis) Harper.
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