Monday, March 13, 2006

We're back from Georgia

Mike and I got back last night. We had such a wonderful time with my family. The first night we stayed up late with Sherry and some of her friends from work. Autumn had a princess party and they all dressed up like little princess'. Dena's party was Saturday, and we had so much good food. I took lots of pictures this weekend, and Sherry and I had a pretty awesome talk Saturday night. I love my sisters so much. Lance was there with his sweet girlfriend. He got me good, while I was trying to scare someone by going outside late at night and going to hit the window, he actually went out the other way and came around right when I was about to beat on the door and scared me. I screamed like a little girl. We had so much fun the entire weekend. Got to see my cousin Christy and her husband Bobby, and their little girl Taylor. I also got to see my cousin Selena and her husband Brad. Lots of feelings and stuff I want to write about, but guess I have to sit with things.
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