Thursday, March 02, 2006

New position

Well what's been going on in my world? I just started a new position on Monday, still with the same company I've been with for the last 13 years, but I've decided to go into sales, so far I really am enjoying it. Can't wait till my first commision check comes in. I experienced my first ashing yesterday on Ash Wednesday. I had read earlier from this'forty%20days%20of%20the%20cross'

I went into it not really knowing a lot about it. I knew it is about Jesus's 40 days in the wilderness. But I'd never really experienced it. I don't really know what to share with you, other than that for me it is a deceision to try and change the direction we are looking for happiness. Change and making it happen. I think about how close or how far I may feel from God. I know I want to feel closer. I guess in a way it's a journey, maybe it's just about reflecting what we are feeling, recongizing where we are on that journey. For as long as I can remember when I go back in my journals, I always every few weeks decided I was going to do some organizing and rearranging whether it be my room, my car, or something. I guess now maybe it's time I rearrange the internal furniture, what do you think.
It's about clearing your thoughts, finding quiet time through meditation and prayer to feel closer to God, cleansing of the spirit I guess. I know it is much more than that. But for me my first year celebrating it, this is what it means to me. The ash on my forehead was different.
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