Monday, May 15, 2006


Sometimes I think of all the strong women that I have had in my life that have made a real difference in my life. My mom of course comes to mind. I think I am much of who I am because of her. My sister Sherry has made a big difference in my life as well. I was the oldest, and she was the second child. There are four of us all together. To me she is the glue that keeps us all together. She is the one we can all talk to, really open with our hearts, and she seems to understand us all. Maybe she just listens well. I also think of her as friend and not just a sister, maybe because she was my first friend, and person that I shared so much of my life with. We had fun just doing whatever, whenever growing up on the farm out by Nana's. She's inspiring to all of us, and always is the hostess with the mostest. She really is a true hostess. She makes all feel welcome, and does her best to make them feel that way and loves to entertain. I think how lucky and blessed I have been to have her in my life for so long. I really enjoy how I feel closer and closer to her as the years have gone by and I think I wrote that too her in my birthday card I sent to her. She's special in the way she shows love. She's very giving with her time and love. Autumn our niece is a shining example of her love because Sherry has pretty much raised her from birth. She's very much been Autumn's caregiver, Autumn even calls her mom much of the time. So in my heart she knows much of what it is to be a mother too. Everyone out there keep her and Mark in your prayers that they will have the blessing of a baby. I need another neice or nephew to take pictures of you know, and I know they are trying. I didn't get to write about her like I wanted too yesterday or go home to be with them, I was scared my car wouldn't make it. My heart was there with her and my family though . So this week I'll try and write about a few of my favorite memories of her.
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