Thursday, June 15, 2006

A dream, the picture is in my mind

I had the most beautiful dream two nights ago. I read last night, and it all seemed to fit, what I was feeling, and many others have been expressing as well. In the dream there was a big beautiful tree and under it sat my mom, her hair still dark, but had a streak of white just to show what color it really was. Under the tree was a whole lot of people. I didn't even know who they all were, then I looked around, and I saw a woman with these beautiful blue eyes and two little boys with those same eyes. It was Autumn, I looked around and then I saw Eli, with a pretty black haired little girl on his shoulders, and Ethan smiling big and sitting by his mama Dena who also had a little bit of grey in her hair. Sherry was running around fixing plates for all these little children, I have no idea who they were, they were all our family, but I didn't really know who they were. The wind blew and children played in the meadow, and you just looked out at them and smiled, then a little brown eyed boy came up and gave my mom a flower, and said "Here Nana"
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