Friday, June 09, 2006

More Question to Mom

When you were a little girl did you have a favorite pet that you loved the most? I guess my favorite pet when I was a little girl was my little cocker spaniel dog that daddy killed because he puled diapers off the clothesline.

What were your favorite childhood games & activities and who did you play with the most? I loved to play jackstones and I had a little doll house that I loved so much. That was the one that my brother Jerry held me up to watch Mother and Andy put together for Santa Claus to deliver on Christmas. I also loved to play paperdolls. I made a lot of their clothes. You know I also loved to draw. I always drew women. That was pretty much the only thing that I felt I could draw pretty good.

What chores did you have to do? My chores were helping out with all of the farmwork. I picked cotton, hoed cotton, hoed peanuts, suckered tobacco and did anything that had to be done around a farm. I also had to wash dishes and keep my room clean or else Mother would clean it for me and you know what that meant. She threw everything away.

Did ya'll have any family traditions? One family tradition during the winter was that we always had oyster stew on Saturday night. This was when I was a small child. We really didn't have any family traditions except the usual ones on Christmas and Thanksgiving.

What do you remember the most about family reunions? What do I remember most about family reunions was all that good food and how many people used to gether to enjoy their family.. They used to have it over at Uncle Thomas house. That is the old home place of Henry Harper.

Did you like school? You know I really did not like school that much. Don't tell Autumn that though. I was kind of a loner. I always felt that I did not excell in sports activities as much as others did. I loved reading and spelling though. and I loved my teachers.

What was your favorite memories of your grandparents? My favorite thing that I enjoyed about my grandfather Harper was when he would come pick us up an take us with him. He usually did that every day. He would always stop at the store and buy us candy. What I remember the most about my Grandfather Kilgore was his smiles and laughter. He died when I was probably three or four years old. The favorite memories about my Grandmother Kilgore was her good cooking and her good food that she canned. I also enjoyed spending the night with her and sleeping with her. We would always laugh until the bed was shaking. I look at Autumn and think how muh Nana would have enjoyed a hug from her and Eli and Ethan.
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