Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Let's Go Way Back with my sister Sherry on Way Back Wednesday

Another day at work, it's only Wednesday, and I'm ready for Friday already. The highlight was my sister sending me the email I'm putting at the bottom of this entry about our niece Autumn. Sherry, my sister has always been a blessing for me. I was 3 when God gave me a baby sister. I remember running to greet her at my grandparents when she was brought home from the hospital. A little angel, I thought when I looked up in my mom's arms; these big blue eyes peering down at me. Sherry was one of my first influences. We were inseparable. She was tough too. I would knock her down and she'd say, "that didn't hurt." She also caused me a great deal of whippons. I really love her a lot. People would say I acted more like her father than her brother. She's not only beautiful on the outside but inside too. She's funny with a great sense of humor. We may not be perfect, we had our shares of fights, time of trouble, plenty of laugh's, and we could always trust each other through anything. She was something back then a little ballerina and tap dancer. Then she won Little Miss Sweet Potato. I remember being so proud of her when she won. I've been equally as proud of the young lady she's become. She's so smart and has a big loving heart. I'm sure I'll be writing more about her later.

Here's a copy of the emial

I wanted to share the poem that Autumn had attached to the pillowcase that she gave me for Mother's Day. I'm sharing this with a few people who know my relationship with Audi. The pillowcase had her handprints on it with the year. The poem that was attached broke my heart. I told some of you about it and continue to cry when I tell people.


Here's the poem:

Mama's Pillow

You tuck me into bed each night--
kiss me, hug me, and turn off the light.
Back to your own bed you go,
"Who tucks Mama in?" I want to know.
Then I wonder, should I be there
to give my Mama love and care?
So, put your pillow in this case,
And let my handprints caress your face.
Your head will rest upon my hands
as you drift off to happy dreamland.
We'll keep each other safe and sound
until the morning comes around.

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