Thursday, August 31, 2006

Daytona Beach Vacation

Well I'm back from Daytona Beach, daddy's 65th birthday was Monday. So we all went down to Oceanwalk Condo for some fun. The whole family was there, which was fun. I got there Monday around 6:30. So we still had hours of fun left with the kids. We took them swimming, while Dena cooked up some shrimp for Daddy. Autumn, Eli, and Ethan are all love the water and it sure was fun playing with them. We woke up early the next morning, and after breakfast spent a day of fun in the sun, boy did I get cooked, Autumn got a lot on her face like her Uncle Derek. I think Eli and me were the only ones that didn't take a break or a nap that day, The beach and sun really drains you. But we had a blast. Jane cooked up some really good spaghetti that night and we all ate well. The storm was on it's way by Wednesday, so they closed down the pools and outside games,but it didn't stop us as you can see by the picture of Ethan in the storm, I took them down on the beach in the rain and they made sand castles, then we swam in the inside pool, and hit the jacuzzi. I really had fun, the only thing that was a downer was I had too leave shortly after my brother Lance arrived. He had to work Monday and Tuesday, and got down afternoon of Wedensday, and I had too be at work this morning so I had to leave them. I hope they are having a blast and it's clearing up for them. Looks like the storms is blowing over now. More pictures coming later.
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