Friday, August 04, 2006

Questions to mom

Before you married daddy and was just a single girl, before you even met him, what were your dreams for the future? I can just picture that pretty little black haired girl out on the farm dreaming. Did you read as much back then as you do now. What was your favorite book that you remember?
I always wanted to be an artist. My librarian at high school encouraged me to go to school to study drawing. I loved to go into a little special nook in the woods and dream about my future. It was between nana's house and where Jimmy lives now. the woods were real thick at that time. I read a lot more then. I always checked out four or five books to read most week-ends. My favorite book that I read when I was small was Annie Oakley and after I got in High School was Peyton Place. I guess because I learned a lot about the birds and the bees in that book.
If you could have one super power what would it be?
I know I would choose to fly. I think that is why I am so facinated with birds, especially hummingbirds. I can just imagine how it would feel to be able to soar above the earth and look down at everything.

I'll post some pictures tonight of some of her art from when she was a girl. She should be on project runway with her design's.

Mom emailed me this today also, it's something I wrote the day before her birthday on Sept 23, 2002

You were in my thoughts and even my dreams last night. I awoke and decided to work on a poem because the dream was so beautiful, so beautiful I almost started crying as I visualize it. Right now it’s about 3:00 in the morning. So hopefully I won’t fall asleep. In the dream I saw you throwing these egglike stones in the Ocean. The stones were your dreams for you children, at first I didn’t realize it, I just saw you sitting there on the rocks as the surf crashed into the rocks you were sitting on. But as I watched you, I realized I was watching you over a period of time, I saw you in different lights and seasons, at first a very young woman, then growing older. But one thing stayed constant as you threw the stones in the water, the look in your eyes stayed the same, I saw the love in them as you kept throwing the stones, that’s when I realized each stone was a dream for us, and throughout your lifetime you've continued dreaming for us. I keep thinking how beautiful you looked sitting on those rocks by the surf, the waves crashing, there's a little splash on your face. I saw in so many lights, seasons, as the sunrises, day, sunset, and night. I even felt the seasons as I watched, sometimes warm as the sun shone, sometimes cold at night. But there you sat through it all.

Mama Throwing Her Dreams into the Ocean

Mama casts her dreams into the Ocean; We, the words and dreams sent bobbing towards the sunrise, The eggs of stone, a fragment of prophesy. Because she must conclude her melody and fall back to the sweet hush of One, A mother cast her dreams into the Ocean, Hoping to cross that wild infinity and on some infant shore again to run, The Eggs of stone, the pieces of prophecy outside the fiery circle of memory. The howling surf, the continuing years undone…A mother cast her dreams into the Ocean, and then dissolved into a tapestry, Her rolling drift again begun, The eggs of stone, the pieces of prophesy afloat once more upon eternity, once more the alien fury, never done…Again, again, dreams into the sea, The eggs of stone, the continual fragments of prophesy.

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