Thursday, June 29, 2006

Questions to Mom

1. What would you most like Autumn, Eli, and Ethan, and any other grandchildren that may come along the way to know and to remember about their Nana.
I would like for them to remember how much I love them and how proud of them I am. I would like for them to always remember me. Eli was very concerned about his Nana riding the bicyle. He kept warning me about traffic on the road. He would say, Watch out for the cars, Nana. I would also like for them to remember how they kept me feeling young. Now I wonder if all of your grandparents felt the same way.
2. What advice would you like to give us and them about life?
I would like to advise them to take their time about growing up. It seems like we all get here and just can't wait to grow up, never realizing that we are at the best time when we are children. I would also like to advise them that anything is possible. They just have to want it enough. I looked around at the beautiful homes at Lake Blackshear and thought about the people who lives in the homes and realized they were just normal people like us, somewhere along the line they went after their dreams and got them. One house that has been in the process of being built was started eight years ago. They work a little on it all the time. It is just beautiful.
All of this goes for you all too. You are still young enough to fulfill all of your dreams. I would like for you to own a home on the beach. Your daddy and I used to drive along the beach and wish that we could buy a house there. Wish we could have. Back then they were not too expensive.

That's funny wasn't I just talking about creating my own reality, funny how I see a movie like I did earlier this week now it keeps coming out in all directions.

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