Wednesday, November 29, 2006

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Thankfully Remembered
Last Thursday was Thanksgiving:
I am so thankful for my family and the time I had. I was greeted by my sisters and mom, Autumn, and my brother got off work shortly after. I was sort of shocked to have all of us together the day I got there on Wednesday, but it ended before to late, as they went out, while I stayed and taught Autumn a few new pranks, which were fun. Everyone got up Thursday morning feeling pretty good, we relaxed most of the day, or I did, while my sister Sherry worked her butt off getting food ready for my dad’s. We all made it over there by 5:30 and spent most of the evening there, feasting. The next day we spent with my mom, bonefire’s food, and drink. Although I wasn’t drinking I ended up doing something that I’m sure will be my new Thanksgiving joke on me, I walked right through the back screen door, tearing it to shreds throwing a moth out. We ate well again, and sat around the fire and told jokes. I ended up babysitting the three Autumn, Eli, and Ethan that night, Sherry was ready to go out again. The next day was very relaxing, I spent part with my mom and we had our little adventure, then over to my sister Dena’s to spend with the boys. After that went to church on Sunday. The people I am thankful for but didn't get to spend Thanksgiving with was my grandparents. They are no longer with us. Thanksgiving memories always bring them to life for me and my family, we often sit and revisit these memories of them. Mema and Nana both seemed to enjoy Thanksgiving so much because their families were home with them. I guess my mom and dad are much like them now. I'm thankful for all the many wonderful memories of Thanksgiving past with my grandparents, even the one where I gave the dogs the food I was supposed to put in Mema's refrigerator outside. Why I fed it to the dogs I still don't know. But they always love sharing that story every year. I'm thankful for all the people I've shared Thanksgiving with in the past and they are no longer a part of my daily life. I'm also thankful for all the friends I do have now, they are family too.
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