Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Last night was a night of reflection, one of our friends Theresa has been taking care of her mom for a little over a year, and she brought her to the birthday party Friday night, she’s so sweet, they have been going to our church since I started. Her name is Grace. She looked so cute Friday night, she was sitting up on a chair, she had her hair all done, I took a picture of her, it is the last picture that I took of her. When I hugged her Sunday after church, I had no idea it was going to be the last hug. It was funny during choir practice Sunday she started singing the song, which was unusual, because she usually just sits in the congregation while we practice, her daughter and I both sing in the choir. So we joked her that she should sing with us the special we are supposed to sing this Sunday. She said if your wanting to hear my voice next Sunday you won’t be able to hear it. She’s the first person our church has lost to death. I was just thinking about her, you know when I went to the highland games back in Febuary, we rode with her and her daughter and she was so funny walking around. We almost lost her about a year ago. I’m glad we got the time with her we did.

Today I sit and think of the word “Grace” It was her name. That word itself means so much.

Throughout the past years of my life "the Grace of God" has been accepted because I am a born-again, Spirit-filled Believer in Christ.
When taking a look at the word "Grace," a person may perceive a greater understanding when studying the "Attributes of Grace." Words are not adequate when one realizes, with thanks, that "God's Love and Grace" goes beyond the comprehension of human understanding. Just look in the dictionary…

"Any attractive quality."
"An extension of time granted after a set time for paying a debt."
"The Love of God toward man."
"A short prayer at meal."
"The divine influence operating in man (person)."
"Any divinely inspired spiritual virtue of excellence."
The definition of "Any divinely inspired spiritual virtue of excellence" reminds me of a cliché that states, "to err is human, to forgive is divine."

Human nature, at times, wants to justify the wrongs of another person. Although what is "right" is right, and what is "wrong" is wrong. In our dailey lives in our relationships we may have to exercise grace with one another--especially if the couple is not like-minded. You or I may be living a Christian life, but there is no guarantee that the relationship will provide smooth sailing.
God's Grace to mankind also teaches mankind to break barriers of prejudice, pride, and self-righteousness toward others. So what a beautiful name her mom picked when she named her.


Thank you for your Grace Lord, and thank you for our Grace!
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