Sunday, January 08, 2006

It's exhilaratingly cold for a change, cold and bright. There have been many moments of pure joy this week. Maybe it's the exercise, not sure, but I'm going to try to stay on the same road. This morning when I got up for my run there were squirrels everywhere, guess there doing last minute grocery shopping for nuts. I looked for birds but only saw a few fly over, so today was pretty sparse for birdwatching. So I just eased into the music of my ipod and got to business at hand and ran. Funny how we can find joy out of such small things. The new toothbrush I bought even brought me joy as I brushed my teeth this morning. Ok, now I'm getting carried away. But quite honestly the early morning is the time of purest joy, somehow I've forgotten this. When I lived at the beach I always went to bed by 9, and was up early to enjoy it. In the move, I've somehow just lost that feeling of the early mornings, maybe because I never go to bed till 11 or after now, and early mornings I mostly feel groggy. I hit the sack by 10 last night and was up early. I did enjoy it, how the sun shines as it rises. So my day was started with a lift. The river sounded nice though.
There is still an undertow of depression. As I know Mike has not been so happy lately, not enjoying his job or hours. It seems harder for him than it does for me us being apart. For me it just makes me appreciate him more when we are together. Now it's time for me to wake him to get ready for church, I hope he's as happy as I am this morning and maybe it will rub off on him. Bless us a lot today! And bless anyone out there a lot as well.

I wrote this earlier this morning. Mike woke up happy as well. And today was a very nice day, we went to church and had a nice crowd, it's so nice seeing our church grow. Our friend Mike was so kind to take us to lunch at Longhorn's after church, which was a nice treat, since Mike and I are broke until payday this week. We came home and I actually took a nap, I guess getting up early wore me out since I'm not used to it, I've been a little sore today, but feel very rested now. Mike has been in a cleaning frensy, which I'm enjoying, he even cleaned the refriderator. He's been really nice today, he's been working on getting some of his photograph's all organized. Well back to work tomorrow, hope everyone is has a great week.
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