Saturday, February 04, 2006

No Pain

What a great day it's turned out to be. I woke up early went to the chiropractor, one more adjustment. I had to wait a while before he could see me so I actually went down and took a little walk on the river. There was a little pain, but nothing like it was. I'm so ready to start running again, I actually did a few minutes just to see how it felt, and well it kind of hurt. I went to the chiropractor and got a wonderful adjustment. Afterwards I'm feeling not pain. I went to the grocery store, came home, started cleaning and washing clothes, yes I'm feeling good. I did take a few mintues to go lay on the ice. I'm even feeling a little frisky. We ran around some and got some stuff from the store. I was looking a video's earlier. One I especially love is "Georgia Rain", by cousin Tricia Yearwood. Far off cousin. My grandpa and her grandpa were first cousins. It's a beautiful video and really reminds me of home. She mentions Jasper County in the video, which is where I was going with my mom and sister last week and missed out because of the ole back. It's really beautiful out, I've got lots of energy, but don't want to go messing the back up, the chiropractor said I'd be sore and I needed to take it easy. But I feel like I want to go fly a kite or something. Nice being painfree.
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