Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunday thoughts

Well so far today is the first day I've gone without the pain pills since Tuesday. I still feel a little cloudy in the brain, but really want to get back to my regular thinking person. The back is much better, I'm still having some pain, and really can't overdo it, I can finally walk close to normal, so that's a good thing. I think back on my backpain and how long it has been with me. It started long ago in my relationship with David. I think hard and try and remember how well he cared for me. I know he was good at feeding me when I was hurting. But I don't remember anything other than that. I mean I even broke my elbow and he made me drive myself to the emergency room. Then there was Tripp after David. He was a good nurse, maybe it was because he was a doctor. He definitely believed in being medicated. I think the hardest thing was coming off all the medications he had me on. And now there is Mike, who has been really good and very helpful. It's funny how I find myself being so independent. It's actually went through his brain that the reason I'm so independent and doesn't want him doing for me is in case something happens to him that he will have to care for himself. Not sure where he got a thought like that. Just his thinking I guess. I mean there is much I already do for him while he's well, I would hope he would know that I would be there for him if he was sick or hurting as well. Guess he's forgotton all those times I cooked him homemade chicken noodle soup when he's had a cold He definitely needs a nurse more than I do when he's sick.
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