Monday, February 06, 2006

Back at It

Well I actually walked 2 miles on Saturday. I had a good day with no pain on Sunday. Today another painless day. So I decided since it was so beautiful I would jump right back into it and attempt a run. I went down on the river. The sun was setting and there was a little nip in the air. I did a long stretch, probably about 10-15 minutes. I started slow, there was a little pain but nothing serious, I kept a slow pace and I mean really slow pace. People were passing me on their wheelchairs. Well not really. I actually ran, well maybe I should say slow jogged 4 miles. I worked up a good sweat. It was a nice run, thoughts of Mema and the Gate River Run four years ago. My grandmother died about 2 weeks before the gate river Run in 2002. I had trained for a year that year. My times were the best ever and I was looking forward to my best run ever. Then Mema died 2 weeks before the run. It was very stressful for me and when I made it back home my back died on me. It was two days before the run and I could hardly even walk, but somehow on race day, I took a picture of Mema and put it in my sock and I ran the Gate River Run 2002. It was my worse time ever because of the dang back. But I made it. So today I just jumped back into it. I'm praying I can keep a healthy back. I'm going to try and not overdo it.
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