Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Memory of her wedding

It's almost been a year since Sherry got married to Mark. May 22nd will be a year. So tonight I'm thinking about her wedding day. We couldn't of asked for a more beautiful day, there was a nice breeze in the air. It was somewhat surreal, and everything seemed to be happening so fast. The bridal cabin where the girls were getting ready was beautiful. I actually got dressed in the woods. :) I walked down to the wedding site by myself and was just filled with good vibes and energy from all around me. I got down and saw Mike was already taking lots of pictures. I hugged lots of necks. sampacetti was already playing the guitar, and everyone was just waiting for Sherry, Mama, and Autumn to ride up in the carriage, when they were in site, I saw Autumn smiling big and waving. Daddy was waiting for them, and helped them out of the carriage. They looked so good. I saw Mama was already crying. She got out and just seemed to be wondering around a bit. Mama and Daddy were supposed to walk Sherry down the isle, but Mama was so nervous she walked up the isle by herself and sat down. Then I heard Sherry say Mama you left me. So she got up and waited for them to come down the isle. I was moved to tears just seeing Sherry and how beautiful she was. I had to stand up and take some pictures just to make myself quit crying. Autumn was perfect, and walked down the isle throwing her flowers. Eli got tired and sat down halfway through the cermony. Just as quickly as it started it was over. The reception afterwards was festive. Sam played lots of music. We ate like kings and queens. Family and friends stayed and danced and ate and drank. The whole week before her wedding we all stayed up in the North Georgia mountains had had the times of our lives.
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