Friday, June 16, 2006

Questions to Mom

1. What was your earliest vivid memory?
A early vivid memory was of my Mother rocking Tommy in front of the fire place when he had an ear-ache. He was just a baby, so I would have been about 4. I slept in the same bed with Mother. I can remember the fire burning and Tommy crying and her trying to soothe him. He was sick a lot.
2. Do you have a favorite story that people in your family always told about you? What was the story?

the favorite story that everyone told about me was the one where my brothers tied cans under my bed and how scared I was. They knew I was scared to sleep my myself at night anyway. That was always a good one to tell about me. Can you imagine how frightened I was. I just knew for sure something was going to get me anyway. Everytime they would pull it I would lay there and think if it moves again I will scream for Mother. After about three times, I took off running and screaming. The joke got turned on them real quickly though.
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