Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dad's 65th birthday

My dad's 65th birthday was last week, when we all went to Daytona Beach. It was really nice having us all in that beautiful condo and spending it with him. It was a little stressful at times, not to bad for me. I was just in charge of fun and recreation for the kids, so that was easy. I really enjoyed watching everyone. I mainly am trying my best to spend every moment with the kids, making them remember Uncle Derek because he's not down in Georgia like everyone else is. Sherry stays pretty busy cleaning, and working, much like me when I'm at home. Dena does too, especially having two boys age 2 and 4. Autumn is growing so fast. It was Eli's 4th birthday and Ethan's 2nd birthday as well last week. I got Eli a camera you can see in one of the pictures. Autumn wasn't too happy that Uncle Derek got him a camera and not her one, the camera disappeared after a few hours. A little later I got the feeling that maybe Autumn had hid it. So I asked her, at first she said no, then a little later, with little crocodile tears she said yes I hid the camera. She said I am jealous that you didn't get me one too. So I assured her I would get her one for her birthday if she wants one. She went and got the camera out of hiding and gave it back to him. We had lots of fun in the sun, my head is still peeling.
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