Friday, September 22, 2006

Questions to mom

1. Share a memory of a really bad weather story, when you were a child, or any bad weather memory. The worse weather story is when the tornado passed through Lax. It left there and went on through Alapaha and tore the school down. We were on the way home from school on the bus when we realized that a tornado had hit Lax. When we got past the Dill's house, the bus could not go any further.Light lines were down everywhere and the busdriver was scared that he would run over one. I was scared that Mother and Daddy had got hurt. Pepa said he was up in the old house beside Nana's when he heard it coming, he was trapped there. He could not run to the house. What was so strange about it, it cut a path through the woods and came back through the same way. No one got hurt, but it sure messed up a lot. Metal roofs were wrapped around trees. One man's front porch was thrown to the back of his house. It was very scary.

2. Describe what your family living room and dining room looked like when you were a child. What do you remember everyone doing after all the chores were done and you were all home before ya’ll went to bed?

First of all, let me describe the dining room Pepa had a table made especially for us since there was so many of us. Before Andy and Jerry left home, there was eight of us at the table which was quite a lot. Pepa always set at the end of the table next to the kitchen. Jerry and Andy set on the side facing the windows. Jimmy also set on that side too. Nana set on the side next to the living room, along with Danny. Tommy and me. I don't know how she made the food go so far. We always had enough to eat and it was so good. I think the table was covered with formica. I don't know what happened to it.

The living room was very simple. There was a couch, rocking chair and another chair. She always had a coffee table in front of the couch. The floors were wood. At that time, we did not have carpet on the floor. In the corner was a floor furnace. After we got through working, we would all gather in the living room and watch our black and white tv. We usually watched Gunsmoke or western shows. We never stayed up very late since we had to get up so early. The first tv was bought in Douglas after they sold some tobacco. We thought we were really uptown. A lot of the time, I would go in my room and read the books I had checked out from the library. Nana had a sewing machine set up in the dining room and she would be sewing sometimes.
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