Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Way Back Wednesday

Yesterday in 1777, the Stars and Stripes was flown for the first time by Washington in the Battle of Brandywine, PA in the Revolutionary war. My ancestor, Otey Prosser (my great great grandmother Emma Middleton Haygood's great grandfather) fought in that battle. The Marquis daLayfatette was injured in that battle and follwing the battle, returned to France to recuperate. This is from the History of Milledgeville:Gala holidays other than the Fourth of July were also celebrated. Among the earliest of these was that scheduled in 1825 for the visit to the capital by General Lafayette, who arrived on Sunday, March 27. A procession headed by Governor Troup met the general's entourage on the east bank of the Oconee, and the two dignitaries road into town in a barouche drawn by four bay horses. Citizens who lined the road all the way from the river to Government House proclaimed his welcome amid the firing of cannon and the peal of church bells. Twenty-six veterans of the Revolution lined the walkway leading from Greene Street to the fron door of Government House. One of these, the ubiquitous Otey Prosser, was recognized by the general who took him by the shoulders and gave him a Latin embrace. For a brief moment Prosser was the most distinguished citizen of Georgia. Another saved note:The Fourth of July was celebrated with all the splendor the frontier community could muster. Always present at these early ocassions and occupying the head table were the Revolutionary War veterans. Among these was veteran Otey Prosser, who may have ben the first of the town's professional flag-wavers. He was often seen walking back and forth, and weeping as he reminisced about the war. As the story was passed down, when the General De Lafayette was injured in the leg Prosser helped him off the field. But this is what was just passed down. I often wonder what that Latin embrace was for?
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