Friday, October 06, 2006

My Prayer Cycle

I often write of my life as a child, I guess I was blessed with many memories, I remember being amazed when I met people when I was still in school, who couldn't remember who their first grade teacher was. I could still tell you every teacher I ever had, their names and describe what they looked like. There were so many books I loved to read, I mentioned Hans Christian Anderson, another would have been C.S. Lewis. I also loved fairytales and fantasy, who remember the book "Five Children and It" a book about brothers and sisters on a summer holiday and discovering a sand fairy who grants them one wish each day. But with every wish brings the children more trouble than happiness because they can't foresee the results of getting everything they ask for. Since I was a child I think I've always made my wants known through prayer. Some of my prayers were No. I know now that prayer is more than just telling HIM what we want Him to do for us, or what we us to do for us. It's funny knowing He already knows what we need even before we ask for them. I think of the "Lords Prayer", I remember learning it when I was young, I also learned it in French. It's quite beautiful both ways. Once that prayer was a memory of words, but did I really know what it meant. Today it means more aout living and growing, trusting our relationships with all around us, rather than getting what we want from HIM. I guess as we grow in faith, our prayers will become less of a wish list and more of an intimate conversation. Mine still sound like a wish list many times. But as I look back, I'm glad He didn't grant many of my crazy wishes. Going to bed, have a great weekend.
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