Sunday, October 15, 2006

Man and his nurse

Today after church, I had a good time running around. I took some beautiful shots of the river, the gardens of the Cummer Musuem. But my favorite shot came later. We all went to a restaurant close by our house and I decided it was so beautiful I wanted to walk home. Out in a beautiful old house was a man sitting in a chair just looking at his house and a garden with a woman working in his flower bed, who resembled a nurse. I walked by and there was something about his eyes. I kept walking, and a little voice said your supposed to talk to him, go back. I've heard that voice before, and kept walking. I had ignored that voice and regretted since that day. So about 2 houses I turned a 90 degree and walked back to him. He was smiling! I asked him could I take his picture? He answered, "How much you going to pay me?" I asked him how much he wanted. He laughed and said he didn't mind at all. I only took one shot and this is it, I think it's my favorite shot I took, because I saw a generation that is almost gone. History was written in those eyes. Maybe I saw my Papa, or maybe I just wanted too. He told me about his life, he was 88 years old. He and his wife moved into the house he was in front of back in the 30's. She had passed away 10 years, and he sure missed her. You could see the love in his eyes when he talked about her. He told me he was a sick man, and the lady was his nurse and that she enjoyed working in his flowerbed. He looked like he was enjoying his day. He sure made mine. Bless this man! He sure gave me a blessing today a litte history to go along with it. I asked him did he have any word of wisdom for a younger generation. He said, "If you say your going to do something, then do it."

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