Friday, December 22, 2006

A visit to Ms. Beaulah

I smile so I don’t cry.
Can anyone tell?
I sing carols of glee
But are they of glee?

I feel a sort of anxiousness
I wonder how fast time goes for them
Is it faster than it is for you and me?They lived, they still do.
They have a story to tell.
But here they are some forgotton,
Some the last of their family.I went for a taste of happiness
And in that happiness, I felt sadness
As we quickly walked through the halls
Much faster than they.
We did look back
With a glance of Ms. Beaulah with her head hung low.

Some probably walk out without looking back
But we did!

When Wendy put her heart neckace around her neck she pulled me in and in a whisper said, "Ya'll are going to make me cry"!

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