Sunday, January 08, 2006

Some of our first pictures together and a first poem

Our First Photo together
In August of 2004, Mike had come out to my place at the beach, it was a blue moon and I asked him to go walking with me on the beach. It was his first photo session with me, lol. It was a perfect night. At times it seems long ago, and other's like yesterday. My first poem to Mike
I don't know where this will go.
But I know it has been good for my soul
And though doubts of uncertainty
Are taking there toll
Thoughts of togetherHave a much tighter hold
I won't put it to word
This warm glowy dream
Lest I jinx thee
But I feel it
At the thougth of having you next
Above, below, around me.
So until the time
For which we will meet
The day pass low and incomplete
The night bring unfilled sheets
My moments are captured
By you I wish to be.
Time flies with you beside me.I wrote that in July of 2004
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