Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My comments section

I've got numerous emails on why I've taken my comments section off my blog. So I thought I would explain it. When I first started my first blog over at aol. I lived for my comments, the more the better, but when I moved over to blogger, I realized I didn't get as many comments as I did in aol. I realized I was only writing for comments. I lost myself and why I started writing in the first place for myself. So I decided to disable the comments section. I'm not saying I don't want feedback, I welcome any emails or anything if you want to say anything or ask anything. But I just wanted to write for me again, and that's what I'm going to try to do. I know there will still be people reading it, but I don't have to go oh wow, only one person commented on this entry, and then later on another one I get five. I guess this makes since, but I did want to answer everyone that has emailed me on this. It's just a decision I have made, who knows I may change my mind again, plus I have other blogs where I get comments. I want to keep this one just for me and my thoughts. A little change!
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