Friday, October 06, 2006

Questions to Ma

1. What kind of car or vehicle did your family drive, were you proud or embarrassed of it? Why? We had many vehicles through my childhood. Most of the time, we drove a truck, one reason being since we lived on the farm, we needed it to survive. The one that I remember the most was a dark green chevrolet truck. I don't remember being ashamed of it. I just remember how crowded we were when the weather was bad. It always seemed like I wound up sitting next to Jimmy and he always had to stick his elbows in my ribs which would really get my blood boiling. During those times, I guess I was just glad that we had a way of getting where we needed to go. I can remember times when Daddy was gone in the truck when Mother would drive the old farmall tractor to Lax so we could go to the show. She would have children sitting and standing on every spot available. Can you picture six little children riding all the way to Lax? I guess she was probably holding Danny in her lap since he was the baby. It would have been pretty hard to get all of us in baby seats back then. Usually Jerry and Jimmy would ride on the front part of the tractor and some of us would stand on the back bumper or what ever you call that thing on the back. Happy days! We would have the best time. They sold the best hot dogs and hamburgers there. This was at Joe Dill's country store. I can remember how it smelled and exactly how it looked. That was around 1953. Andy was in the 11th grade. I did not realize that he was almost gone when I was eight years old.
2. What was your mother’s favorite receipe? What do you remember being very fond of that she cooked when you were a little girl. My Mother could cook the best dumplings, her peas were out of this world. Another thing that I remember her making for us was chocolate filled tarts. She would take coco and sugar and mix it together and then she would roll out the tarts and then sprinkle the sugar and coco in it and then fry them. She made this a lot of times when we didn't have a whole lot to eat. I can remember eating those when we lived in the old house. She could also make the best homemade biscuits. We would stick a hole in the top and then pour syrup in the hold
3. Describe your mother (Nana) in her best dress that you remember? The dress that I remember the most is the one in the picture that was taken with all of us when we lived in the old house. I guess one reason I remember it the best is because I have seen that picture through the years. This is the picture that has all of children except Danny. This was before he was born. Her dress was white with flowers all over it. I thought she looked so pretty. She had made all of our clothes in that picture, even the boy's shirts. I also can remember how cute she looked in her uniforms when she worked as a waitress. She always had a good figure.
4. Did you ever go on a hayride as a little girl, since it’s October I was thinking I wonder if my mama ever went bobbing for apples, did they have fun things for Halloween when you were a little girl. Did you like Halloween when you were little? Do you remember any of your costumes? The first halloween that I can remember was when I was in the 1st grade and I was going to school at Lax. We had a halloween carnival and we bobbed for apples and had cakewalks. Mother dressed up like a gypsy and told fortunes. I don't remember how I was dressed. We didn't ever go trick or treating like little kids do now. I did go on a hayride when I was probably sixteen. I remember Jimmy Mobley sitting beside me. It was really, really cold. I amost froze to death. We went with our church at Lax. We had a party at Billy Wingate's house.
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