Thursday, June 22, 2006

Working at the Hunan House

When I was in college, I worked in a Chinese restaurant for extra money. I really enjoyed it. It was fun, I worked with my ex girlfriend, her mother was the hostess, and my old friend Allien, my first roomate in college also worked with me. I started thinking about that time, and some of the fun, and I thought of a funny story that happend, and it was pretty close straight out of a sitcom. It was Sunday, and on that day we always looked forward to our big Sunday crowds after church. The restaurant would fill all at once, and for the next few hours we would run our butts off. On this particular day it was my day to make the tea, I made two huge rubmaid containers of it, and poured in our tea urns. Once again we were ready for the rush. As always they came in swarms in the Sunday best, everyone ordereing sweet tea. It seemed to happen all at once. With a full house, all of a sudden people were spitting their tea out of their mouths, spraying their wives, spraying whoever was walking past, it was a giant teaspurting contest. This was no dream this was real. The boss who is usually walking around talking runs to the back, and asks Derek what is wrong with the sweet tea. I said I don't know I made it like I always do. He made me show him how I made it, well my first mistake was, using MSG instead of Sugar, they kept the sugar and the msg right beside each other in exact colored gray rubmaid bins. Sugar and MSG have very much the same consistancy. I almost never lived that one down. Every Sunday, they would ask, who made the tea this week, and I would laugh. I wish you could of been there to see it.
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