Friday, June 23, 2006

Questions to Mom

These were a little harder, I told her to think hard. She's not quite through so I'll add on later.

1. What do you recall being the most enjoyable times of you life?
My most enjoyable times of my life were when I was creating my family. I always loved being a new Mother. I enjoyed everything about becoming a Mother. I just loved the smell of a little baby and most things associated with them. I enjoyed the closeness of my children. I loved each one of you from the moment that I saw you. I thought you each one were the most beautiful babies I had ever seen.
I always enjoyed going on vacations with you all. It was so much fun to see your joy the first time that you experienced life. I have always enjoyed being a Mother and creating a home life for my family. I enjoyed being a stay at home Mother so much. More later What were the most difficult?
Of the most difficult years of my life were probably when my children were going through their teen age years. It was hard. I always worried everytime each one of you left the house. It was so difficult giving you each one your wings when you left home. It was also difficult when each one of you learned how to drive. I spent many sleepless nights waiting for each of you to come back home. It was always such a relief when I knew that you all were back home.

It was also very difficult when your daddy and I were in the process of divorce. Not only financially but also mentally.
I'll continue later about that.
2. What do you hope we most appreciate about you? Out of my whole life the only thing that I really feel I was great at accomplishing was birthing and having the honor of raising my children. I always asked God to give me enough time to raise all of you. I never wanted anyone else to do it.My greatest anticipation in life was just waiting for the birth of each of you and waiting to see what each of you would be successful at. You have each reached more than my expectations, but I still want one of you to be great artist or author.
3. What do you most appreciate about Derek? and Sherry?, and Dena?, and Lance?
What do I most appreciate about you, well let me think. One thing that I appreciate about each of you is the goodness of your hearts. Each one of you are good hearted and are never ashamed to show me how much you love me. I appreciate the joy in your eyes when you see me and the love that you always show me. You have never been afraid to share your thoughts with me. I appreciate every moment that I get to spend with you. It is getting late so I will continue later. Love, yo mama
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